Leave the numbers to us. We use the latest technology to efficiently handle your bookkeeping. Even if numbers is not your forte, we’ll make it easy for you to not only see your bottom line, but understand how you got there.

Business Consulting

Our staff has the expertise to analyze your business, see where there’s opportunity for growth and where we can help you cut costs to optimize profitability.

Business Succession Planning

Succession of a business should be something that we think about long before it actually happens. Let us help you identify and develop a plan that will provide for you as well as see your business maintain its viability for generations to come.

Estate Planning

Whether creating financial security for loved ones or transitioning ownership of a business, we can guide you to establish a smooth succession. We can help you understand complex and changing tax laws involved in transferring assets and identify how to minimize tax liabilities to your beneficiaries.

tax planning

Tax Planning

Leave the paperwork to us and focus on managing your business. Not only can we complete and file your tax return, we can also discover areas where you can achieve greater savings in your business and minimize costs resulting in greater profitability.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Tax laws continue to change as do the assets of any business. Ideally, your estate should be evaluated on a yearly basis. We can provide you with these services so that you can rest assured, knowing that your legacy is protected while your loved ones are financially taken care of.

IRS Representation

If you need representation before a federal or state tax agency, you will want someone who is knowledgable with tax law as well as someone who can make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are protected. You can count on Cressend CPA LLC to be on your side and represent your interests against these agencies. If you have recently received notice of an audit, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Sales Tax Services

Our experienced team can help you identify where the collection and reporting of sales tax is required. If you are unsure whether you are collecting the appropriate taxes for your products or services, please contact us for an analysis.

Trustee Services

Choosing a trustee is a very important decision if you have a trust or are considering establishing one. Our team of experts have the skills to handle the technical matters that arise, including taxation, trust administration and asset management. Choosing a corporate partner can help ensure the trustee will be able to serve the lifespan of the trust. We can help you make these decisions as they can ultimately help save costly and unnecessary conflicts among beneficiaries.